What It do – Drip Stone and Tadow

Drip Stone’s latest single ‘What It Do’ is in collaboration with his cousin Tadow. He based the song on real events, where both guys involved were bored and started inviting girls over who were in relationships. They started hanging out and playing cards until one of the girls’ boyfriends called Tadow and asked what is his girlfriend doing at his place. Tadow jokingly replied, “That’s just what I do”. They kept laughing at that joke all night long and decided to make a song about it.
As far as production goes, he works with different producers but mostly goes with DJ Direct. When you have a connection, you have a connection. This song is a Definite Banger. Please support.

Salute to the Homie Tadow since I met you it’s always been, love. Respect to the grind and Hustle.


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