Tef Kaluminoti Interview

About Tef Kaluminoti

Bakeeba Ruffin aka Tef Kaluminoti was born on March 12 He was Raised in Rocky Mount, NC, born in York, PA, Tef became interested in Hip-hop in middle school. That is where the dream began. He first started releasing records in the early 2000s. He appeared on records by his close friend’s Terror and Horror on (“To All My Peeps”), and later scored e an underground single (“Get Down”) ft. Bone Crusher. Drawing off his own experience Tef started his own label in 2003 Roc City Records. By early 2005 tef had established himself as a serious artist. Although in demand as a guest artist, Tef found time to write and direct his own videos for his albums. Tef has released numerous projects his most latest was his Movie titled Savage Genesis.

About Savage Genesis

After leaving college for summer break J Roc returns to the Rocky Mount, NC neighborhood where he came of age in the midst of the gang wars, after arriving home while he was welcomed by his family, he raised suspicions to the new local gang that he was intruding on the territory, and also suspect J roc of taken money away from the Gang Boss “Pressure”, which transpires into events, where J Roc must protect himself and, therefore, transforming him into a Savage. The movie is currently available on all streaming platforms.


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