Team Collective Live on The Proof

Team Collective is a rap group that currently consists of Rah – 1, Flowz Infinite, and Scion919. Their singles “Vibe Out”, “Vibe Out Remix“, and “Flame On” have been consistently heating up the airwaves in true fashion to the Collective style of music they usually drop. The didderence with these singles is, they were accompanied with two short film movies. Vibe Out remix and Flame On movies.

The Collective Vision is an extension of Collective Music, Team Collective has started producing their own short films and skits. Directed by Rah – 1 .  Flowz ans Scion said be on the lookout for more things that Team Collective is working on

This is the correct order to watch

The Collective Vision Skits

Real situations with a comedy twist on them.

Collective Wear

Collective Wear Clothing

rah 1
flowz infinite
collective wear
collective wear
collective wear
collective wear
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