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Scion919, is a musical artist, songwriter, beatmaker, music producer, photographer, media journalist, clothing designer, scriptwriter, disc jockey, hip hop blogger but outside of music, he is also the owner and operartor of shut down season radio. (SDS radio) and scion919.com.

Team Collective Live on The Proof

team collective
;t=18s Team Collective is a rap group that currently consists of Rah – 1, Flowz Infinite, and Scion919. Their singles “Vibe Out”, “Vibe Out Remix“, and “Flame On” have been consistently heating up the airwaves in true fashion to the…

Pengame Classic Interview

Pengame Classic
Pengame Classic Interview live on The Proof Podcast Hosted by Scion919.  ;t=1s PENGAME CLASSIC – ARTIST Pengame grew up in a military family. Much of his childhood was spent moving to various states as well as living overseas in Berlin, Germany. Classic acquired…

Team Collective – Flame On

Flame On
Team Collective is back in the studio working on their next single “Flame On”. Scion919, Rah 1, and Flowz Infinite have teamed up with singer Jasmine Patrice aka Neveah, age 29,  is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. The song…

Artist of the month

3d Natee
In today’s Hip Hop market, It seems the only way for a female rapper to remain relevant nowadays is by dressing seductive or rapping about sex. Sexuality is definitely overshadowing, lyrics, and talent in today’s music industry. Nowadays a lot…

Don’t play yourself

Don't play yourself
You never know who a person really is. A person’s initial response is usually their honest response. People put on the mask to accomplish their agenda. Most of the friendships in this music business are bullshit. People pretend to support…