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Flowz Infinite is an independent recording artist from Brooklyn New York living in North Carolina. Flowz is also a part of Team collective aka Team Shut Down.


Flowz Infinite
Flight Control

Team Collective Live on The Proof

team collective
;t=18s Team Collective is a rap group that currently consists of Rah – 1, Flowz Infinite, and Scion919. Their singles “Vibe Out”, “Vibe Out Remix“, and “Flame On” have been consistently heating up the airwaves in true fashion to the…

Team Collective – Flame On

Flame On
Team Collective is back in the studio working on their next single “Flame On”. Scion919, Rah 1, and Flowz Infinite have teamed up with singer Jasmine Patrice aka Neveah, age 29,  is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. The song…

This Is Flight Control

This is Flight Control. This man needs no introduction. 2 time CM Award winner, recording artist, business owner, songwriter, 919 representer. Who I’m talking about is no other than the Infinite one, Flowz Infinite, My brother from another mother, Group…

Carolina Music Awards

Scion919 And Hot Lyke Fiya Shelly Dee
I remember my first time attending the CM Awards, it was new, it was something different for the Carolina music scene, I think every artist in The Carolinas, at one point or another, gOt excited about the CM Awards, that…

Vibe Out Remix

Vibe Out Remix Featuring Malcome B
Team Collective is back with their latest single ” Vibe Out” Remix featuring Malcome B, produced by Mantra Beats the follow-up Hit to the original Vibe Out. Team Collective pushed the envelope and linked up with Mantra Beats and came…