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$tackzOnDeck is a Artist and Producer from Belhaven NC representing the 252. He was born in Brooklyn NY on Aug 16th. He grew up in the Lefferts Garden, and later moved down to NC to be closer to his family. $OD started taking music more seriously about 4 years ago, but he has always loved music his whole life.

His musical influences are Jadakiss, 50Cent, DMX, Ludacris, Missy, OutKast ,Jay-z, Kanye West and Pharrell. He says “I love how creative and lyrical these Artist are, and I truly appreciate what they bring to the hip hop culture. Not only does he admires their music, but what they bring to the game, from a business stand point, and how they use there voice in other areas in entertainment”,

His Mission

 $OD says “I use my music, as a way to escape from my issues, and my regular day to day life”. $tacks uses his music to tell his story, and to let people know, that no matter where your from or how small of a town you may be in, always follow your dream. Never quit, keep stacking and  building. His message is pretty clear, “we all go threw issues, he hopes people can relate to his views.

His goal with his music is to let people know that they are not in this alone. No matter what you are going through, someone has also been through what they are going through. Hard work and determination will help you reach your goals and Destiny.


$tacks is just getting started and certainly not done yet. He’s currently working on his $tackin Chronicles chapter 1: Money, Drugs And Power And chapter 2: Love Is A Drug which should be released soon. $tacks says he  just wants to make his city and the hip hop community proud.  His goal is to inspire at least one person. “If I can connect with one person and they see my vision as an artist. I’ve done my part.  His style is unique, plus he is very outspoken, fun and a creative as an artist.  $OD does all types of genres of music from Reggae to trap music.

He is a versatile artist and has something for all types of listeners and music lovers. Be sure to check out $OD and follow him  on all social media platforms  @Stackzondeck252 for all the latest updates and content.


$tacksondeck is a Husband and Father of 4. His oldest is 9 years old and is also into rapping, that’s his back up plan just in case football doesn’t work out. He also has a 4 year old daughter and 9month old twins a (boy and girl). 


Music Videos

Projects and Mixtapes

Stoner Family

Straight Pressure

Adult Shit 252 Edition

Dining With Family

In My Bag Vol.1


Honorable Mentions

$tacksondeck is currently on 101.9 kiss FM  “Major Without a deal spotlight.” He has also did a Interview on ECU’s Radio Station. This is Only The Beginning. 


Stoner Recordz

$tacksondeck has also started a Indie Record Label called Stoner Recordz which is currently in the process of looking to get picked up by a Major Label.  

Meet The Artist



Z Baby Project Release Date TBA

Savage Louie


$tacksondeck Is also in The Group LAV. With his brothers Domo, Leeks Von and Studda  


Von From LAV


Pilley Ave consists of $tacksondeck, Kai1of1 an KWorld out the 252. 

There Debut Album Coming soon.

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