SDS Radio ( enters a partnership with Ahzu Direct

SDS Radio ( enters a partnership with Ahzu Direct that could change music technology forever. Ahzu Direct is Raleigh Number 1 Web hosting, IT Management & Development company. After becoming a global PR Firm in early 2020, decided to partner with Ahzu Direct in order to gain even more global connections. When it comes to celebrity connections, Scion919 is no stranger to the national spotlight. After winning the Carolina Music Awards a few years back with Team Collective as the best Hip Hip group, Scion919 decided to launch a new company that will give locals access to movie stars, music executives by using state of the art marketing and cutting edge technology.


“Founded by American Rapper and Entrepreneur Merle K. Richardson, Ahzu Direct is a technology company based in Raleigh, N. C. offering services consisting of web design, cloud hosting, digital marketing, project management, cybersecurity, and mobile application development.”

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In the current world of vast digitization, everyone wants their entertainment on the go. To match up to the pace of the trend, internet radio has made quite a sensation with its countless streaming stations. Established a web hosting and development company, Ahzu Direct has decided to create a new web-based application with the intent of providing affordable stream hosting for broadcasters around the world. The service allows musicians to upload their tracks and distribute them to all major streaming platforms and music stores worldwide.

Ahzu Direct provides services in locations like Raleigh, NC, Las Vegas, NV, and Capetown, South Africa. The platform features automated mixing and scheduled playlist and allows the listeners to access its music anytime and anywhere 24/7. Their official website keeps the users updated with the latest music and entertainment news from around the globe through its radio directory and blog posts. They offer both free and premium plans for single radio stations and also come with the option to set up radio networks consisting of multiple radio channels.

The network is accessible through an Android app where the audience can search for specific stations categorized by genre and city.

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The service maintains all rights to the artist’s music and royalties abiding by the international rules and regulations. Initially, the service was intended to feature Hip Hop artists and Urban Hit radio DJs. Now they have decided to widen their spectrum by adding multiple genres of music programming as well as talk, comedy, and educational radio segments. Interested musicians, DJs, and record labels will be able to submit their music through the submissions page by using a simple multistep form which will then allow the artists to upload MP3 files and cover art for their submitted song.

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Quincy Milliam Professionally known as Scion919, is a musical artist, songwriter, beatmaker, music producer, photographer, media journalist, clothing designer, scriptwriter, disc jockey, hip hop blogger, and owner of shut down season radio. (SDS radio) and
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