Samantha Leavell

Samantha Leavell

Samantha Leavell is helping artists connect, with fans and other artists. By using her network and social media connections, she is helping artists get exposure. She writes album reviews, artist reviews, and bios. She is also co-hosting several podcast/radio platforms and also getting into publicist work.

Who is Samantha Leavell

Samantha Leavell is the Chief Editor/VP of Public Relations for Certified Nation Entertainment LLC. Samantha was born on November 5, 1981, in Junction City, KS.  Primarily raised by a single mother Samantha’s love for music began at a very early age due to being brought along to various basement parties and juke joints. As a child, she saw a lot and took refuge in her room listening to the radio or watching ‘Video Soul’.

Samantha met her father as a teenager and developed a relationship.  Her father shared the same deep love for music. Every week Samantha resorted to visiting her hometown’s record store,” The Sound Aquarium”. She would purchase the latest music and write album reviews for her high school newspaper. Her dream career was in journalism due to her love and talent for writing. However, college was unaffordable so she resorted to living the so-called normal life of working to maintain a household.

Samantha moved to New Jersey and experienced marriage, divorce, and relationship fallouts but was blessed with two beautiful daughters. Throughout the years Samantha experienced additional moves to Missouri, northern Virginia, and currently Seattle, Washington.  As a single mother herself her goal was to give her daughters someone to look up to as far a being hardworking, respectable, and carrying herself at a high standard. There were pitfalls along the way and yet Samantha persevered. Music played a big role in keeping her uplifted and gave her the strength she needed.

Samanthas Epiphany

Throughout Samantha’s life, she’s made meaningful connections with various artists and producers. Some famous and some independent. As 2020 hit the industry hard Samantha had an epiphany in late October. Intuition influenced her to do something for independent artists to make their music more known, to build a support system, and to bring an energy to people. A positive energy to release the stress that many were enduring. In November of 2020 her hometown friend, lyricist Pengame Classic reached out to her out of the blue and asked her to write a review for his latest album “Graffiti Rapp”.

After tapping into Classic’s vibe and music, Samantha wrote a successful review which caused Classic to ask her to be on his dream team. Due to constant promotion and sharing the album reached and still continues to receive a high amount of streams and sales. Due to the review and Samantha’s encouraging videos word spread and more artists and managers reach out to her to write reviews. She then brought other artists along with her on the support movement and shares independent music daily.

Samantha was appointed Chief Editor/VP of Public Relations with Certified Nation Entertainment.  The success of the independent artist support movement continues and Samantha has no plans to stop. The goal is for everyone to be successful and tap into whatever talent they have.

Samantha Leavell


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