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Samantha Leavell decided to push an Independent Artist support movement. She writes album reviews, artist reviews, and bios. She’s the Chief Editor/VP of Public Relations at Certified Nation Entertainment LLC. She is also a co-host on several podcast/radio platforms. Samantha loves helping others to connect the dots and spreading positive energy and love. But most Importantly She loves what she does.  I had the pleasure of connecting with Samantha Leavell, I was so impressed with her passion for music and indie artist. I asked to do an interview with her and she obliged.

Interview With Samantha Leavell

Q. What is the name of the company you are with and what is your position?

Certified Nation Entertainment LLC.  My position is Chief Editor/VP of Public Relations.

Q. Where are you from?

I’m originally from Kansas. But lived in New Jersey/VA for several years. Currently residing in Seattle.

Q. In your own words please describe who you are and what you do?

I’m a 39-year-old proud black woman/single mother of two daughters who had an epiphany recently and trusted my instincts. Music has always been a major love of mine.  So I decided to push an Independent Artist support movement. I also write album reviews, artist reviews, and bios. Plus I also co-host several podcast/radio platforms. I’m also getting into publicist work

Q. Can you tell me what inspired you to do it?

I was inspired to do it because of my combined love of music and writing. 2020 was a very hard year for many. A lot of artists suffered losses too due to shutdown. Since I know a lot of them I knew many of their struggles. I decided to do something to encourage them and others and to give them the shine they deserve

Q. Have you faced any challenges?

The Only challenge is that some people (men especially) see a “pretty face” and lose sight of my position or what I do. Once they see my writing or my other work then they start to take me a lot more seriously.

Q. How long have you been doing it?

I first started writing back in high school. So this was the late 90’s. I wrote album reviews back then for my high school newspaper. I graduated high school in 2000. Life took over. So I actually picked up my pen again to write a couple of months back in November 2020. But it feels like forever because it blew up faster than I anticipated. Loving it.

Q. Describe your greatest accomplishment?

The greatest accomplishment so far was seeing how streams and sales of Pengame Classic’s album have soared as a part of my help, seeing many artists coming together and becoming the only female with an executive position currently with Certified Nation Entertainment.

Q. Do you mind sharing your long-term goal?

My long term goal is to see success for many deserving artists out there. But I want it to where it was organic and honest. Nothing fake. I would like to be the Publicist that these artists can rely on and change the industry. I want nothing but positive good energy. The shady business deals need to be cut off.

Q. In your words, Why should people check you out?

People should check me out because I genuinely care about the support movement. I write with feeling and I constantly share independent artist works. And the interviews are great. More like great conversations to watch. I love helping to connect the dots and spread positive energy. I love what I do.

Q. Can you tell us where you grow and what was your childhood like?

I grew up in Junction City, KS. Primarily raised by my mom. A single parent. Met my dad later as a teen I matured fast because I saw a lot of things growing up. Some things I shouldn’t have seen. Spent a lot of time studying music and artists at an early age. Back when great music played on TV and radio.

Q. To those who would like to find your work?

You can find my work on and also on all of my social media platforms

Q. Who or what inspired you?

I was inspired by people like Angela Davis. Proud black woman. Stood strong for us. Also, music inspired me to open myself up to it and just let go. Therapy at its finest.

Q. With a family what keeps you going?

I think that when things are going as planned that is definitely keeping me going. Makes it easy to keep pushing.

Q. How do you balance your personal and business life?

Balancing personal and business life is not always easy. My daughters are top priority so I make sure I’m always available. Fortunately, they are older so they don’t need me 24/7. Having dinner is important as a family. It’s just me and them so that time is important. Some things are don’t post on social media. I keep certain things private which I believe most people should do. A lot of my writing is done at night so I can keep a balance to avoid distractions.

Q. If people wanted to reach you where can they find you?

Social media links are as follows:  Facebook:     Instagram… samantha_leav.        Twitter…@SamanthaLeav.   Tik Tok is    @ Samantha_leav….. Clubhouse is @samanthaleav

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Samantha Leavell

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