PenGame Classic – Timing

Pengame grew up in a military family. Much of his childhood was spent moving to various states as well as living overseas in Berlin, Germany. Classic acquired his name from his love of classical music from the renaissance period of time. Pengame is the owner of cat3gory otha clothing line and an AnR for the Indie Record Label ” Certified Nation Entertainment”. Big Salute to #CertifiedNation

Classic delivers from Muskegon Michigan his vision that the timing is right in his life and career. Follow on i.g. Pengameclassic & Cat3goryotha & whoisbankss WWW.PENGAMECLASSIC.COM | shot by @CHILLA PERTILLA @Emag Films 

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Quincy Milliam Professionally known as Scion919, is a musical artist, songwriter, beatmaker, music producer, photographer, media journalist, clothing designer, scriptwriter, disc jockey, hip hop blogger, and owner of shut down season radio. (SDS radio) and
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