The First Lady of Stoner Records

La’Naj is a Recording Singer/Song writer Artist. Nagee’ Monique Hester was born on the 1st day of December in 1997. It was that day, that a star was born. She was born in the Burg, Saint Petersburg, FL, but grew up in Columbus GA. In 2015 she came back to Saint Petersburg to finish her last year of high school. 2017 was when she started taking her music seriously and La’Naj came on the scene. Nagee’ has always been into music. Her mother sang constantly, occasionally freestyled and loved all kinds of music. Nagee’ said “I mean anything that’s probably considered old school now, my mom was funkin to it back then, so I know it. My mom danced and sang with me, and sometimes free styled with me. One could say music was her love language!”


Some of her favorite artists are Beyonce’, Mariah Care, Ne-Yo, Genuine, Dee-Lite, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, to name a few. La’Naj says “They all made me want to sing, so of course I did.” She gained some of her musical experiences through choir, both church and school. She also performed praise dances in church, played clarinet in band, participated in Color Guard and entered a few talent shows in high school. But her most influential artists regarding rap was Nicki Minaj. “She made me want to rap, because she was so fire when she first came out. Nicki Minaj’s metaphors, and her confidence made me feel confident in myself. Almost any rapping female is an inspiration to me,” says La’Naj.


La’Naj says “I wrote so many songs as a kid, notebooks and notebooks of poems, little jingles, raps, choruses and whole songs. I’ve always wanted to be a star and a performer.” When asked, La’Naj says the limelight has been calling her all her life. When asked to describe herself, she says “I’m just energy, I’m goofy and it shows in my raps sometimes. I like to tell a story with my music and make as much sense as possible while doing it.” She works to make sure her music is a relatable as much as she can. La’Naj is basically the Bad Bitch inside of Nagee’. She explains “Nagee’ is the good time, she’s chill, but La’Naj gets it cracking every time- she’s the one that’s gonna tell you what it is and never let a nigga play with her. She’s definitely a vibe, a little freaky at times, but who’s not?” La’Naj started saying BBE La’Naj because she wanted an Acronym in her name, like NBA Young Boy. This led to the birth of Bad Bitches Eating. La’Naj says she’s definitely taking her bitches with her, and they are all eating, EBE Every Body Eats. If you not with it, you’re in the way! La’Naj is The First Lady of Stoner Records


La’Naj released BBE (Bad Bitches Eating) in 2020 along with Options, Toaster Strudel and released It’s Back, with an Official music video as well.


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