Hood Pass The Piffy story

Piffy. The Piff Piffy Pacino untold story.

Piffy was one of the biggest movements to hit North Carolina. Scion919 Owner and Creater. Of the Brand and Movement. Of Piff “Piffy” Pacino

Remember the pain is the first song on this project. Scion says this song was inspired by real life sitiations. ” It’s Like as long as you up everybody is riding with you, but when your down, you find who your true friends are” Real life situations expose people characters and reveals their true intent and emotions, In your lowest never forget the ones who laughed at you and snickered at the site of defeat, and most Nver forget the ones who gave up on you and jumped ship. They was all down when it was going good. Look how quick they change

Why you change Scion pulls no punches and basically reminds the Carolina Music Industry you lost me when you crossed me. My whole career I’ve tried to help other artist and constantly it has turned around and bit me. The greatest thing I have learned is first you have to establish your position, then you can help other people and my suggesting would be from my experiences is Help those who help themselves and be aware of people that come around when things are going goood. Something you gotta say man fuck the bullshit who sent you?

These niggas aint me is a unreleased Scion919 Freestyle. Scion is talking to the cats he helped shape and mold in the game that turned around and tried to 86 him out the crew, This was his response. This shit shook up some shit when it dropped. One of the Hardest disses out. Fact

It is what it is. Is another freestyle over a smooth beat produced by D Boy. Scion is probably one of the most slept on emcee’s in north carolina. The message is pretty clear, feel how you gone feel, but always make the decison that is best for you. Time is the only thing we cant get back, You cant always put everyone else first and wonder while you are always last. Ya Know?

Its my life takes you back to the gritty city back blocks. This song is the voice of pain and the pulse of the inner cities all around the world. Scion Says salute to everyone who made it through the storms and struggles of life. Scion Tells God thanks for bringing him through.

Right after Scion’s long term friend was incarcertaed and sentenced to 24 years. Scion fell into a slight depression. And bounced back with this song Freestyle. Although the original sessions was burned in a fire this version of the Freestyle emerged back up. You can hear the focus in the song as scion takes you on a lyrical journer. The original freestyle was in 2008. (Unmixed)

Why was produced By StanDolo and the song is a freestyle based around the fact that when you try to come up, fake friends get salty and try to plot on your demise. Snakes in your midst.

Next Victem explains what its like living in the inner cities, Murders, drug sales, incarceration and death and the traps and pitfalls that come along with a systematic racist system. Scion is very use to betrayal and says expect it, your worst enemay is always someone you know. But the foulest ones are the ones you did the most for. It always happens like that. Wickedness

919 freestyle was recorded in 2008 over the Feel it in the air Beanie Segal beat. Scion is one of the Illest Emcee’s to ever represent Raleigh Nc. But because he was born in Brooklyn and moved here a lot of people didnt wanna give him his respect because he wasnt born in North Carolina , Scion has went on to continually drop music and has branded the 919. Scion919

If You knew tomorrow was your last day, the type of thoughts that may go through your mind may be simliar to the lyrics to the Fast Life. Scion919 Freestyle. Scion is and had always been very transparent in his music and true to that he gives you a perspective to a day in the life