Fallen Angel Album by Scion919

Fallen Angelz – The Collection

Real Music never fades away. Its timeless thats the type of music I try to make. “SCION”

Contains songs like Pick Me Up, Blessed which a song where Scion919 takes you a journey through his life this song was originally released in 2007. This song is still relevant today the message lyrics and arrangements all compliment the Christina Aguilera sample on Blessed. Her Angelic voice sets the song off. The Project also contains Make you love me and Beleiver. The songs on this collection are written from a spiritual point of view to let people know who are struggling with depression, living with Felonies or simply just trying to do the right thing and make it to the next day. Scion919 Says he wants people to know who are silently struggling that they are not alone. This is the vulenrable side artist hardly show.