D.Jewels aka Diamond Jewels is the CEO/Owner of GamFamTv LLC. He was conceived in Trinidad, Born In Brooklyn, New York. Raised in Queens until 1991 when he relocated with his family to Raleigh NC. D.Jewels has been consistently putting out music, solidifying his spot as an NC music Legend.

1st Single: GamFam 4Ever
This single catapulted my career overnight, it debuted on K.97.5 in 1999 on the local battle of the beats with Larry Picket. It became the first retired song ever at 8 Weeks.
It quickly became my first Video that Played on the Larry Pickett Show on local channel 10.
D.Jewels has put out numerous projects over the years, from singles and mixtapes to full-length albums. Diamond says “I’ve had deal offers from labels like Grand Hustle, Next Level, and more,” He says “My Manager at the time QuoVadis Brittain was the best thing to happen to my career. She taught and showed me a lot about, the business side of music. My Mentor Lee Tate gave me a standard, and a mindset of being the best, That standard made D.Jewels”

Listen To Diamond’s Latest Project below. DIAMOND IN THE RUFF

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D. Jewels


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