City Of Love Review

City Of Love drops February 14, 2021. The latest single by the Ambassador of RnB Mr. Chenier. Produced by Lee Tate of BWMG.  The production is very well put together. The saxophone in the intro sets the tone for the City of love. All of the instrumentation on this song compliments Chenier’s voice and lyrics on this song.

This song is that good Soul classic music that the game has been missing.  I really enjoyed this song as it took me on a trip down memory lane. The song kinda put me in the mindset of some of the great classic music I grew up on, like “Always and Forever” and some of Luther Vandross’s earlier releases. This song is definitely a great song for couples, and lovers of all ages. City Of Love,  is the type of song that we used to slow dance at house parties to back in the golden days.

Mr. Chenier did a great job of capturing that moment on this song.  You can definitely hear the passion and growth in his sound on this track. I really think this song may be one of Mr. Chenier’s best tracks up to this point in his career. Valentine’s day is definitely an appropriate release day for this single. I can see couples relaxing and dancing in their living rooms to this song.

Great Job To Mr. Chenier and Lee Tate for the work they put in on this song. A very fresh breath of air for true lovers of music.

Chenier Wilson

Q and A with Mr. Chenier

What inspired you to make the record?
Listening to the greats in R&B like Sam Cooke that sang heartfelt love songs. Also wanted to do a powerful love song for Valentine’s Day with a video to follow.
What direction were you trying to go on the song?
I wanted to take it back to the old school where the music of today was influenced by
What’s different about this record from the others?
The difference is the heartfelt lyrics and the old school sound and production that will always stand the test of time. A classic combination.
Mr. Chenier
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