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Team Collective – Flame On

Flame On
Team Collective is back in the studio working on their next single “Flame On”. Scion919, Rah 1, and Flowz Infinite have teamed up with singer Jasmine Patrice aka Neveah, age 29,  is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. The song…

Tory Lanez responds

tory lanez
Tory Lanez is speaking out after being charged in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting. Three months since the headline-making incident, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday that the 28-year-old rapper had been charged with one felony count of…

Who is Dayne Jordan

Dayne Jordan
Dayne Jordan is a hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, PA. Since 2004, Jordan, who originally performed under the name Dosage, has been releasing independent music and performing all over the globe. Dayne Jordan developed an interest in hip-hop at a young…

Artist of the month

3d Natee
In today’s Hip Hop market, It seems the only way for a female rapper to remain relevant nowadays is by dressing seductive or rapping about sex. Sexuality is definitely overshadowing, lyrics, and talent in today’s music industry. Nowadays a lot…