“BGM” – Rachel Bailey ft Nay Renee

“BGM” – Rachel Bailey ft. Nay Renee. This video is dedicated to all the beautiful black and brown queens all around the world.
you are so beautiful. Your features are one of a kind. You are a GOOD woman. I wanted to let the woman know your hair is beautifully kinky, and it can’t be imitated. Ladies need to know you DESERVE true love. You DESERVE honesty and transparency.

Women DESERVE to be treated like the queen you are and nothing less. You’re not bitter, you’re just angry at the fact that you go through so much every day and feel unappreciated/unequal. But you are the dopest celestial being in this whole entire universe and don’t you forget it. It’s time to heal. DO YO THANG! To our black men, continue to protect us at all costs as we would do the same for you. We need you when we call on you! With that being said, Governor Jared Polis and Mayor Mike Coffman of Aurora Colorado, your TIME IS UP we demand Justice for Elijah McClain!!!

We demand you to charge the officers involved in the murder of Elijah McClain! We demand Justice for Breonna Taylor! To the Louisville Governor Andy Beshear and Mayor Greg Fischer, we demand you to immediately fire and charge the officers involved in Taylor’s murder. TIME IS UP! BLACK LIVES MATTER… 

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