BBO “Bad Bicthes Only”

BBO is a female rap group based out of Raleigh nc. the group consists of Baby k  & Lex Flex. BBO has been featured in interviews with fucious tv, dj small eyes, big mouf media, whogotthejuicetv, and more! They have done songs with a number of local artists such as lil Malik, Jalon jayy, Marlee savage, jac-o, and others as well as artists from different states. you can find all of bbo’s music on all streaming platforms.

Watch “Out My Body” By BBO

How did yall become BBO?

We started BBO at first not even as a music group, it started as just a name for ourselves because we were and still are the hottest youngest females out here lit. We knew all the moves when Raleigh was in its prime moments…(the city done died down sum) and people always were telling us how pretty and turnt we were! Everywhere we go someone asks us what we do so after a while we had to start doing something!!

What’s Next?

Over the years, We have done a great job of expanding our fan base and getting people to know and see us more. We are just trying to show people that you can follow your heart and dreams & never to give up no matter how many people might be against you. We’ve worked with dozens of artists and producers from all over. Be on the lookout for plenty more visuals and we are dropping our first group project this year! Check out there official WEBSITE 


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