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Artist of the Month, Bri Biase is Making noise as an independent artist, Bri Biase (formerly known as Miss Bri) has no problem gaining recognition in underground music. Participating in events like the PXP festival sponsored by AKON, SXSW, and many more,

Bri Biase continues to build a very loyal and universal fan base. Recently gaining recognition and booking a show in TOKYO, Japan. Bri is determined to keep up the hard work until she is known worldwide. Born in the small town of Champaign IL, she was called a diamond in the rough. After relocating to Atlanta Ga in 2016. Bri began to gain major exposure in the southern indy music market and became the First Lady of Authentic Empire Music Group in June of 2018.

bri biase

Bri makes it very clear that as a female in a male-dominated industry, she has no trouble keeping up lyrically with fellow male rappers. With a catalog full of different styles, Bri has mastered the sound of Rap, Street Music, Pop, EDM, Reggae, and RnB.

One of the things that stood out to me when I first started following and listening to Bri Biase, was her voice, lyrics, and strong delivery. I heard a few of her freestyles on youtube and thought to myself, she’s got it. Lyrically I was really impressed, and the more I started listening to her, I found myself thinking she is really dope. That’s when I started to research her and doing my homework.

The songs that really stuck out the most to me at the time were,  “Ou Na Na“, “Hard to kill“. but ultimately my favorite song was “Nobody Told Me“. Stream Bri Biase new mixtape here: Mixtape featuring single “Nobody Told Me” Follow @BriBiase now on all social media. I would like to salute October’s artist of the month, Bri Biase on a job well done and wish her much success in her career and business endeavors. 

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