Meet Scion919, a multi-talented entrepreneur who is wholeheartedly dedicated to his family’s well-being. As “SCION919,” he creates uplifting music, as “Super SoniQ Beats,” he produces beats that resonate with the masses, and as the host of “The Proof Podcast Show,” he provides a platform for inspiring stories. Not stopping there, he also owns a record label “Divine Soul Entertainment,” a web development company “Divine Soul Solutions,” and serves as an artist consultant, liaison, and media analyst.

He grew up in the challenging neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn but his adverse circumstances fueled his drive to succeed. Through perseverance and moving to Raleigh, NC, Scion919 began his journey towards greatness. Scion919’s story exemplifies that despite life’s hardships, anything is possible with determination and resilience. Let him inspire you to aim for the stars!

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